Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz lightings that suits your room as decrations in night. Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz to home and room decorations to floor capiz lamp shades. Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz to home and room decorations to hanging capiz chandeliers. Phlippine Hand made products of table capiz lamp shades in variety of collection from capiz chips design and in different colors and sizes. Collection of capiz chips and strands in a variety of colors and designs, sizes, with hole or without hole.
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Philippine Capiz Product:
Philippine capiz Handmade Table lamp shades
Philippine capiz handmade hanging chandelier
Philippine capiz shell natural component
Philippine capiz chips, strand, design, color
Philippine capiz curtains
Philippine capiz candle holder

Philippine capiz is the most exotic material or components and very environmental friendly, affordable but elegant looking in terms of decorative product. The shell particularlly comes from a marine mollusk scientifically called Placuna placenta also locally called the mother of pearl which is found in one of the most beautiful province and named after the shell, the Capiz Province Philippines.

The most popular product in the Philippines using capiz shells:

1. Capiz Chandelier is also one of the popular products in the Philippines, in fact Philippines is one of the top manufacturer, producer, supplier and exporter any where in the world. Our capiz chandelier is made of chrome plated metal frames for making elegant and classy design, capiz chips attached in a nylon strands colored or natural white depending on your prefered design, adjustable hook so that you can make your own height preference and electric fitting with bulb for better beautiful fixture lights at night. Capiz chandelier can gives you more relaxing and calming specially you heard the soothing and melody sound when the wind is blowing. Available in any design, colors, capiz chips shapes and size depending in your area.

2. Capiz table lamp shades is also one of the popular products in the Philippines specially for your table as interior decor for making your place or room very flexible that can be blend in addition to your interior lighting decoration. Capiz lamps is made of chrome plated metal frames, body and base for long last and capiz shell chips attached in a nylon strands with electric fitting and bulb holder for lighting fixtures.

3. Capiz floor lamp shades is also one of the popular products in the Philippines best for indoor or outdoor lighting decors. Almost the same design as above table lamps specs but taller body frame about 71 inches long. You can choose or pick from a wide range of capiz chips shapes like round, rectangle, square, butterfly, heart, flowers, stars and any colors are available.

4. Capiz Christmas Lantern or Capiz Parol during Christmas season is very demand specially in the Philippines and any where in the world. Lantern in any form of metal attached with capiz, electric fitting with colorful bulbs depending on the design for making more dancing lights during at night. This capiz lantern is very high demand and perfect for every home as lighting decoration. Most people will enjoy so much if they can see the dancing colorful lights specially during december.

5. Capiz Curtains is also one of the popular products in the Philippines perfect for your windows or doors, kitchen door or any outdoor or indoor home decoration. Perfect for any Asian or comtemporary interior design because of it's extra ordinary chips in monofilament nylon in strands. The melody sound of the capiz chips specially when the wind blows is making you more calming and relaxing. Capiz curtains is perfect also for beach wedding ceremony decoration hang besides the arbor with large spray of beautiful flowers in front of the altar.

6. Capiz Candle Holder is also one of the popular products in the Philippines perfect for special purpose, traditional or occasion. It can add more natural elements, contrast and texture into your home decoration patterns and style. Most of the filipinos are the finest among expert makers of all candle holder for export. Candle holder light is very elegant in every place or occasion specially in a restaurant or spas because it can create a wide range of romantic night and more relaxing lights.

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